Rand Leather

At Rand Leather, we believe in using leather to submit to our desires, harness our power, and liberate ourselves. We’re passionate about handcrafting hot, versatile, durable fetish wear that fits like a second skin. From collars to custom garments, Rand Leather provides something for every body, gender, and BDSM need. Whether you’re well-versed in kink or just curious, we’ll help you feel seen, sexy, and celebrated.
— Matthias Rand, founder

The Company & Craftsman

Matthias Rand started leatherworking out of necessity– he wanted to wear leather, but found nothing that fit or felt sexy. He was a trans, fledgling Leather Queer caught between wanting to wear a chest harness and needing to wear a chest binder; caught between knowing who he was but struggling to make people see it. Unable to find the leather he needed, he made his own– thus sparking his passion for creating custom fetish gear. 

In 2012, Matthias launched Rand Leather with a modest offering of ready-to-wear bondage gear and an eagerness to create one-of-a-kind custom garments. He believes that everyone should have the right to explore their sexuality, body, and desires in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

With that ideal, he has continued to expand Rand Leather’s offering of inventive bondage items, made-to-measure harnesses, and custom garments, ensuring there is something for every body, gender, and BDSM need.

Since its founding, Rand Leather has served clients in over nineteen countries across five continents. Additionally, Rand Leather has been featured in several print and online publications, including Salacious Magazine and Sugarbutch. In 2013, 2016, and 2019, Matthias was awarded a Belvedere Grant for his leatherwork, which supports Maine College of Art alumni working in craft fields. Rand Leather wear can be found online or at BDSM and sexuality conferences across the United States.

The Guarantee

When you buy from Rand Leather, you buy a commitment to quality gear that is built to last. All Rand Leather craftsmanship is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. Should your gear break during use, simply contact Rand Leather for a repair or replacement.* 

Ensure your leather endures through the years with these Leather Care Tips.
For more information email matt@randleather.com.

*Exceptions to this guarantee include item failure due to unauthorized customer modification, neglect, or misuse. Rand Leather reserves the right to determine what constitutes neglect, misuse, and/or manufacturing defect.